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Tours in Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, U.S.A. and also

Senegal and Egypt started a deep connection with the

Afro-American heritage in music. Today he is involved

in many projects with Latin American music. In 2015 he

started to live in London and became strongly active in

Londons music scene. Thats when he started collaborating

with guitarist Tjoe Man Cheung. Together they recorded two

albums and toured twice in Hong Kong and China.

He graduated in Switzerland with a Master of Arts in Music Education (Hochschule Luzern - Musik) and a Master of Arts in Music Performance (Hochschule der Künste Bern) and lives in Basel today. Due to his versatility and improvisation skills he won several awards and has been requested to play with many different artists, big bands, musicals such as Raul de Souza, Delinquent Habits, Elliot Randall [Steely Dan], Django Bates, David Liebman, Fischermanns Orchestra, Miss Saigon Musical (Westend Production) and many more. For his own band he writes and arranges all music and released two albums "Approaching Change" and “Eclipse”.


Jazzpreis Luzern 2014 (Fischermanns Orchestra)

Aargauer Kuratorium Artist Residency - London, UK 2015

Förderbeitrag 2018 



Bodo Maiers interest in the diversity of the
music of our world is fundamental for
numerous international activities. For over
12 years he was touring and giving workshops
all around the globe. He had the chance to
get to know many different cultures and their
musical heritage, which he skilfully integrated
into his playing. His biggest  motivation as a musician is to be able to create a feeling of belonging together between musicians and audience through energy, intensity… rhythm.
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